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Have an item that is need of repair?


Do you need a quote for specific repairs?

We do quotes on a case by case basis for missing hardware, animal scratches, rips/tears, damaged interior lining, broken handles, adding straps/handles, fixing or adding zippers.

If you need a quote for shoe repair please email info@purserehab.com

If you need a quote for luggage repair please email info@purserehab.com

How to Submit:

Please fill out this form or text us (310) 972-9823 to receive a personalized estimate for your handbag or luggage care treatment.

  1. Take up to 6 photos of your bag form all angles, concentrating on the problem areas. Make sure there’s good lighting!
  2. Fill out all fields.
  3. Upload the photos you took from your photo library.
  4. Submit the form and we will get back to you within one working day.
  5. If you are having any issues with submitting your quote, please contact us directly with all of your images (up to 6) to info@purserehab.com 



Quote Request Form:

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