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Handbag Care & Maintenance

Handbags are used daily and are a wise investment. Meaning that you can pass them on someday and they will retain their value over time if you take good care of them.

Just as you maintain your car, it’s important to maintain your handbags. Getting professional cleanings, waterproofing and keeping your bag conditioned at home will help your handbag last for many years to come.

Often, I see bags that come in with ink-stained linings, worn corners and torn straps. I recommend storing your pens and makeup in a plastic bag inside your purse to avoid staining the lining. Worn corners happen with wear, but to prolong the damage from occurring, I suggest not placing your purse on the ground. As well as watching how you carry your bag, as the friction from how you walk can wear the corners. It’s also important, not to overfill your purse to help avoid the handles from tearing.

When storing your handbags, keep them stuffed to help maintain their shape and place them in a breathable dust bag. You can use towels or purchase purse-shapers that line the inside of your bag.


Suede is delicate and susceptible to fading over time. Avoid direct sunlight, wet weather and wearing dark colored clothing. Prior to FIRST use and every few months, try to have your bag waterproofed. This will add a barrier and protect the nap from daily wear.

After each use, it’s important to brush the suede. As dirt can get trapped in the nap and make it fuzzy over time. We recommend using a suede brush and brushing in the same direction.


Patent leather is durable, but it’s plagued with the problem of color transfer. This happens when your item encounters another surface and absorbs it into the leather. It is also important if you have a white colored piece to keep it out of the sun, as it will turn the leather yellow.

When storing in the closet, always keep the item in a white color dust bag and away from high temperatures.


Leather can dry out over time and disintegrate. It is important to use a leather conditioner, we recommend Cadillac Leather boot and shoe lotion. It will not change the color or texture of the leather, just keep it hydrated and conditioned.


Canvas can stain easily and needs to be waterproofed. Coated canvas, for example, Louis Vuitton, can absorb dirt and crack over time from being dehydrated. We recommend Cadillac leather boot and shoe lotion.


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