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How to keep your handbag light

A common issue that I see with handbags coming in, is the handles being weak or torn. I am guilty of carrying everything possible in my purse! We carry our purses every day and often don’t think about how much weight we are holding. The weight overtime can affect your posture, as well as the structure of the handbag.

Below are some tips that might be helpful.

5 Tips for a lighter purse

Get rid of the cards

My wallet is typically filled with receipts, gift cards and pocket change. I recommend cleaning your wallet out weekly and keeping only what’s necessary. I store my pocket change in my car for parking and the receipts in a small folder. An alternative would be to download an app to store receipts.

Get rid of the “ just in case” items

3 pens? bag of snacks? bottle of aspirin? water bottle? Stick to the things you absolutely need and keep the rest in a small bag in the trunk of your car.

Too many keys

Carry only the keys you need and keep duplicates at home.

Put your business essentials in their own bag

Carrying your laptop, iPad, agenda and folders in your everyday bag, will add stress to the structure. Which can typically lead to torn handles, worn corners and expose the material.

Makeup bag

Only carry what’s needed to get through the day and keep the non-essentials at home or the office.

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